Are you ready to unveil the secrets of Vilnius underground?

Uncover the secrets of Vilnius' underground with The Dissident Tour. Discover locations with untold stories and experience the rebellious spirit that shaped the city. Embark on a journey like no other.

During the Soviet times, Vilnius had a thriving dissident community, consisting of a wide variety of political, cultural and human rights activists struggling for Lithuanian culture, language and independence. Indeed, the city is vibrant with stories untold. The goal of the Dissident Tour is to bring back the dissident history into the public domain and shine a light on the many people who built the grounds for Lithuania as we know it today. See our mission and vision here.


How it works

Get your equipment ready.

All you will need is a phone, headphones and internet connection.

Go to the starting location.


The starting location is in front of the Restaurant "Neringa" in the heart of Vilnius. You may also start the tour by scanning the QR code found at our partner's locations and start the route from there.


Check the details of the tour.

We strongly recommend checking the rules of the tour before starting in order to learn about the length and route of the tour as well as accessibility and working hours of the tour locations.